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My name is Dana.

Photography is one of my greatest passions, I love exploring nature through the eye of a camera lens.

For me, it all started when I spent a few years in a Caribbean Island. Imagine opening the window every morning watching the ocean flows, the clouds over the horizons, the waves, the endless colors and the interaction of lights and shades. These years in the Caribbean made me think about our existence differently and look at the nature humbly.  This is when I decided to start capturing these magical moments of Nature that I experience and share them with everyone.  

I welcome you to my world,  and I hope that you can feel the same magic that I felt.


You are invited to contact me, if you wish to purchase any of the photos for your home or office.




Technion, Haifa, Israel   


The language of trees                  
Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   



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